Brain Food: An Introduction of Sorts


I feel the need to make something of an introduction here. In my professional life my work spans a space between history and craft. I work at a living history museum; I am at once an artisan and an historian. And too, I like to think that I like to think — about things relating [more often than not] to history, craft, philosophy, and feminism.

I have a long commute to said museum job. It takes up nearly two hours of my day that I might otherwise devote to something else. I hope that I trade that flexibility for something equally valuable though: a twice-daily allotment of uninterrupted, unavoidable intellectual time, that I get all to myself. Two meals a day in a diet of ideas.

And so this blog is intended as a cookbook of thoughts. A place to lay down recipes of the mind.*


*In general, though, the metaphors will be slightly more on point and less florid. At least I hope so.

5 thoughts on “Brain Food: An Introduction of Sorts

    1. Hi Jay,

      That’s great. I had a history friend spend the summer on board the French vessel l’Hermione and it was interesting to see and hear from him how the ship people and the history people approached similar topics from different angles… I’ve long had a fascination with tall ships.. The physics involved with such amazing vessels seems like an endless source of education!


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